Training according to VCA standards

VCA is the abbreviation used for Safety, Health and Environment Checklist Contractors. We organize VCA training according to 2 programmes:

  • B-VCA (basic) and VOL-VCA (for supervisors)
  • The course duration is 4 days. The examination is available in any EU language.

veikla_VCA 2

B-VCA (basic) and VOL-VCA (for supervisors)

DURATION: 4 days

TARGET AUDIENCE: All personnel taking part in industry tasks.


The B-VCA training is held in Lithuanian or Russian.

The VOL VCA training is held only in English.


Those successfully passing the examination are awarded a VCA (B-VCA or VOL VCA) certificate.

Validity of the certificate – 10 years as of the date of issuance


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