Practical training area

The practical training areas are specially equipped simulators, designed in order to simulate a real working environment and the most complicated practical situations. At present, the Center has the following special training simulator areas:

 For high-altitude rope access training:

Outdoor high-altitude structure (height – 15 m, total area – 408 sq. m.), used for practical training of rope access specialists and fitted for different work at heights, wind turbine blade inspection and repair work, as well as for improving the skills of working with different mobile platforms and practical training for special services (Aras, Public Security Service, etc.)

Outdoor high-altitude structure1

Outdoor high-altitude structure2

Outdoor high-altitude structure3

Indoor high-altitude structure (height – 7 m, total area – 200 sq. m.), providing the possibility to perform practical high-altitude, rope access and rescue work training.

Indoor high-altitude structure1

Indoor high-altitude structure2

Indoor high-altitude structure3

A mobile communication technical equipment testing stand

Used for developing practical skills when working with typical mobile communication equipment schemes, different connections, feeder cables, different types of antenna sections, amplifiers and other equipment installed in mobile communication towers.

Mobile communication stand1

Mobile communication stand2

Mobile communication stand3

Antenna installation tower

High-altitude outdoor structure (18 m high), used for mobile communication antenna installation training;

Antenna installation tower1

Antenna installation tower2

Antenna installation tower3

Wind turbine blade simulator

A 9 meter long wind turbine blade is installed in an outdoor high-altitude structure. Inspection, repair work and rescue at heights practical training is performed.

Wind turbine blade simulator2

Wind turbine blade simulator1

Wind turbine blade simulator3

Mobile electrical engineering stands for testing practical skills

  • Stand No. 1, used for testing general power scheme reading and installation skills, self-sufficient power scheme design and installation according to technical tasks
  • Stand No. 2, used for testing general power scheme reading and installation skills, as well as for training the skills of initial frequency converter programming, driver connection (triangle/star), self-sufficient power scheme design and installation according to technical tasks
  • Stand No. 3, used for testing general power scheme reading and installation and general PLC operation skills, as well as for improving touchscreen operation skills.

Mobile electrical engineering stands1

Mobile electrical engineering stands2

Mobile electrical engineering stands3

Welding work training stand

Equipped with all the necessary equipment for performing welding work by using different materials (steel, aluminium and stainless steel) according to the following processes: 111, 121, 131, 135, 136, 138 and 141. Also, training to work with the following equipment: "KEMPPI" (electrode welding), "Fronius" (flux core shielding gas welding), "Parweld" (tungsten inert gas welding).

Welding work training stand3

Welding work training stand2

Welding work training stand1

Scaffolds for training

Used for the development of scaffolding skills – Layher modular and façade scaffolding systems are used.




Hydraulic hose system stand

The practical training is aimed at the development of hydraulic hose installation and marking skills.




Pipe installation stand

An industrial heat exchanger model for the practical training and testing of pipe installer skills, made of stainless steel pipes (50-200 mm), affixed to a quadrangular pipe (50 mm), equipped with edge and welding connectors.

Pipe installation stand1

Pipe installation stand3

Pipe installation stand2