Cellular antenna assembler training

International Training Center (ITC) prepares professional mobile antenna installers and maintenance specialists. Theoretical and practical training includes the following modules:

  • Working at height basics

Choosing the right equipment and correct use of personal protective equipment, methods of verification. Choosing the work methods. Preparation of vertical and horizontal rope routes. Safe ladder and tower structure climbing. Getting familiarized with rescue equipment and methods.

  • Load lifting basics

Getting familiarized with lifting equipment and systems. Disassembling and bringing down telecommunications equipment from a tower to the ground. Safe securing of antennas and other telecommunications equipment to the lifting system, lifting and securing it to the tower structure.

  • Mobile communication equipment

The basic theoretical knowledge. Connecting the system elements. Feeders, feeders preparation for connectors. SiteMaster calibration,  system sweep measurements. AAT settings and measurements. RET motors for antenna alignment. Installation, commissioning and integration of microwave antennas.

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