The Gridin’s Group International Training Center is intended for the development of highly qualified specialists and their professional skills. It provides this for many different technical specializations, including technical maintenance, metallic structures and their production, industrial rope access, power supply equipment maintenance, shipbuilding and ship repair, non-destructive testing, oil platform services (both onshore and offshore), wind power plants and other industrial structures.

Training according to IRATA standards

Gridin's Group is a member of the IRATA association and has the right to provide training according to international standards and compulsory international training programmes. After successfully completing a training course, a certificate is issued, allowing one to work throughout the world within the  petroleum industry, renewable energy industry and on other industrial structures – level 1, 2 and 3 certificates are issued.

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Training according to GWO standards

The GWO initial safety training courses for onshore / offshore activities cover the following modules:

  • GWO Working at heights
  • GWO First aid
  • GWO Manual handling
  • GWO Fire awareness.

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Cellular antenna assembler training

International training center (ITC) prepares professional mobile antenna installers and maintenance specialists. Theoretical and practical training includes the following modules:

  • Working at height basics
  • Load lifting basics
  • Mobile communication equipment

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Cellular antenna main

Training according to VCA standards

VCA is the abbreviation used for Safety, Health and the Environment Checklist Contractors. We organize VCA training according to 2 programmes:

  • B-VCA (basic) and VOL-VCA (for supervisors).
  • The duration of the training is 4 days. The exam is available in any EU language.

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Industrial skills training

The Gridin's Group’s industrial skills training programmes are based on international standards, guidelines and normative documents, applicable in the EU and other industrialized countries. The programmes are implemented according to demand (Directive 89 / 391 / EEC - DSS). The following training courses are organized for production specialists:

  • Working at Height Awareness
  • Working at Height & Rescue
  • Rescue at Height
  • Confined Space Entry Awareness
  • Confined Space Entry/Escape BA.

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Industrial skills

Introduction to trades in the wind power industry

We offer training according to the “Introduction to Trades in the Wind Power Industry” programme. The aim of the programme is to provide familiarity with all the aspects of work in the industry, both theoretic and practical. The programme is the first real step towards obtaining a new profession. The trainers, having extensive practical and theoretical experience, will introduce you to the basics of the service, inspection and repair of wind turbine blades. If you supplement this course with additional training courses, which can also be taken at our Training Center, you will have an opportunity to become a much more attractive and employable specialist among those required by the renewable energy market.

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Testing and certification of welders

In cooperation with classification companies (Bureau Veritas, DNV and Lloyd's Register) we certify welders in line with the requirements provided by the EN ISO 9606-1, EN ISO 9606-2, EN 287-1 and AWS D 1.1 standards. We certify welders and develop their qualifications according to the following processes:

  • 111 PR – Manual arc welding with a fusible electrode
  • 131 PR – Metal inert gas arc welding (MIG welding)
  • 135 PR – Metal active gas arc welding (MAG welding)
  • 136 PR – Flux core active gas arc welding
  • 141 PR – Tungsten inert gas arc welding (TIG welding).

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Testing welders

Training for scaffolders

We organize training courses for scaffolders which are based on informal training programmes. Layher modular Allround and SpeedyScaf façade scaffolding systems are used during the training. The bulk of the training programme consists of practical training. The purpose of the training is to provide knowledge on how to erect, disassemble and inspect scaffolding structures of various types. The training ends with a qualification examination where the trainee is awarded with a qualification certificate after successfully passing the exam.

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National rope access training programmes

We offer training according to the National Rope Access Technicians and Managers Training programme. The goal of the programme is to prepare workers who work at heights and managers involved in various industrial projects to ensure the safe fulfilment of various work tasks.

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National rope access